Artistic Director & Teacher

Leora Saposnik or


Destiny Bennett


Amelia Paulino

Little Picassos was born out of a basket of art supplies Leora Saposnik brought with her to volunteer at The Road Home shelter.

Believing that every child should have the right to an equal education and means of expression, Leora and some of the families she met at shelter, set out to create a program that allowed for such inclusion.

It is our hope that every child finds her true potential through our exploration of art.

After a career in multi-cultural curriculum education and work as a historian, Leora delved into her love for art. Her love of children brought her to teaching and, then, to arts education, the perfect pairing of her two passions.

Our program includes a talented, caring, and inclusive teaching staff.

Throughout our existence as a program, we've aimed to make the teaching staff reflective of the students it supports.

Hi, my name is Destiny and I use she/her pronouns! I'm originally from Milwaukee, but I moved to Madison to pursue college. Here I graduated with a major in Legal Studies and Spanish. I decided to pursue law because life or death situations should not depend on your knowledge or resources in the legal system.

I have an immense and undying passion for art. I've had a passion for art ever since I was young. I'd make birthday cards, flipbooks, paintings, etc. I love to create and sometimes I wish my passion to create was developed more as a child so if I can be a part of someone's journey in developing their passion that would be amazing. Art is also just an amazing way for kids to be themselves and be free because there's so much you can do with art. So whether they have a passion or they just want to have a fun time I'm all for it!

Amelia and her two younger children have been active participants in the Little Picassos program for two years.

A native of Mexico, Amelia will make our programming more accessible to students who are new English learners.

Amelia is a warm and helpful presence in our classroom.

Hola, mi nombre es Amelia: soy originaria de Mexico. Mis dos hijos menores han estado en el programa desde 2018, nos encanta el programa disfrutamos mucho las actividades. Estoy mu agradecida por tener la oportunidad de ser parte de este programa, me maravillo de ver a los niños usar su gran talento en pequeños Picassos.

Teacher/ Maestra-Lisa Iab Yaj

Hello Little Picassos and Families! My name is Lisa iab Yaj and my pronouns are she/they/nws. I'm from Milwaukee, WI, but moved to Madison for school. My passion for art came from watching my older siblings draw, reading children books, and taking art classes. Doodling and using color in art was one of the first outlets for me to express my feelings of loss, sadness, anger, and joy. I am drawn to character designing and adding HMoob inspired details. I am very excited to support students in developing their own journey with art!

Art is often seen as not essential, but i believe it is on of the necessary parts of life. And so i hope to convey the power of investigating our own art journey, our communities, and our identities.